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Solutions that Create Results

COACH MEdia’s unique approach creates learning opportunities for your entire team by enhancing their skills and increasing their ability to sell multi-faceted programs to existing and potential clients. Whether you need specialized training for a current sales person or to establish a complete roadmap for new a hire with little or no industry knowledge, we can help. 


We’ve utilized our extensive, first-hand sales experience to establish customized sales solutions for a variety of clients – in all areas of B-to-B sales, including media – around the globe.


All of our trainers have been successful sales leaders and salespeople. They are not just book smart – they are street smart. They have been on the front lines and understand what it takes to develop, manage and coach a successful sales team.




Our content is actionable – salespeople and leaders can hit the ground running and use it immediately. We deliver the strategy and the application so there’s no time spent figuring out how to apply it to your business or how to make it fit in your world. And it’s scalable – experienced team members use our content to complement their current efforts and new hires are given both a foundation and roadmap for future success.




We help you integrate new hires quickly. We have a formal program designed to get your new hires – salespeople, account managers, and leaders – up to speed and immersed in the Sales DNA of your organization. From skills training to business planning to corporate expectations and measurement, they will be working from your playbook right away.




We’ve designed the curriculum for a profession nobody went to college to learn. Our team understands that there’s no formal process to become a salesperson, a sales leader, or an account manager. You, like us many years ago, entered this profession without training or a degree to get you started. The programs we’ve developed are comprehensive, based in education, and designed to “certify” your team in business-to-business sales.




We customize all of our programs to your business, your market and your team’s needed areas of development. We solicit your feedback and build each module – from building strategic questions to negotiating objections – for your entire sales organization, not just your salespeople.



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