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Training that Inspires Growth

We know learning is not “one size fits all.” That’s why we deliver our content and tools in a variety of ways:
  • Live Seminars

  • 1:1 or Small Groups

  • Phone-Based Seminars

COACH MEdia relies on four areas of focus to establish this customized framework for your organization. We support these areas of focus and track our progress through our Five Core Knowledge Areas:
  • Sales Planning (SP)

  • Sales Strategies (ST)

  • Sales Skills (SS)







We utilize our proprietary framework, Customized Interactive Selling (CIS),
to establish a common DNA throughout your organization. Designed to empower your sales team by leveraging industry knowledge to sell integrated solutions
to your clients. This framework inspires internal development, which in-turn
leads to growth for you and your clients. 


  • Web-Based Seminars

  • On-Demand Content

  • Client Services (CS)

  • Sales Management

Not only do these options provide flexibility for a demanding schedule, but they also maximize comprehension and retention.

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