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Delivering Value — One Client at a Time

We believe each client is unique. That’s why our programs are individually designed to meet each of our client’s own special needs. We think it’s a pretty good philosophy, but don’t take our word for it. 


"His presentation was A++, training abilitly A++ and the content A+++. Such a great teacher and communicator...could listen to him for a week straight. Very seldom do I take so much away from a presenter and instructor and feel compelled to review them." 


Alex Irwin, Senior Elite Account Director, Yelp Inc



“COACH MEdia has been a huge part of Spotify's maturation as a sales organization. The trainings are high energy, non-judgmental, and impactful for all. The materials that Stephen Pia brings forth from his experience in this industry have been applicable in our daily lives as sellers.”


Laura Nardella, Senior Account Director, Spotify



“COACH MEdia helped us implement a common DNA in the way we interact with our clients. Now each of us is better at understanding our clients' business and goals which enables us to provide customized solutions. Stephen and Dan's industry experience enables them to provide impactful 1:1 coaching - we have an on-demand resource that we can utilize throughout the year. They understand the opportunities and challenges we face and help us get results.”


Greg Brasher, Global Account Manager, LinkedIn



"Stephen brings the energy into every room he walks into. Going to his trainings is as much educational as it is fun. Stephen has helped me understand how to build an eco-system around a prospective client that has multiple decision makers. Through his approach I have come to conversations with more knowledge about the prospect's business and have seen direct results via revenue for my company."


Gary Podvalny, Account Executive, Yelp



“COACH MEdia’s content is easy to understand, easy to implement and sticks. My Management team and reps have rallied around a common language related to a universe of leads, prospects and current client opportunities. Pipelines are no longer fiction, but the result of extremely effective outreach through COACH MEdia’s communication strategy.


Stephen is engaging and deathly serious about having fun during the trainings. I’ve already referenced him to a number of my peers in the industry and they’ve given him high marks as well.”


Steve Bentz, Senior Vice President, San Francisco Chronicle



“I can tell you that Stephen Pia is the best sales trainer I have ever, ever worked with. His methods are effective, and his content is relevant and immediately applicable. In my former role as the Director of Training for a Fortune 100 company, I worked with several of the country’s most well-known training programs (like Sandler and Richardson). Stephen’s material and delivery are tops in the industry.”


Robert Nadeau, Director of Professional Sales at Plymouth State University, Former Director of Training at a Fortune 100 Company 



“The real world experience COACH MEdia brings to the table is invaluable. Stephen has both been a rep and Senior Executive in sales & understands the challenges/opportunities that leaders & reps face every day. He doesn’t let you make excuses (as managers/reps can be prone to do in training sessions). I ultimately realized that his philosophy is right on the mark & using his techniques would make me a more effectively business person…both of which proved to be true.”


Sr. Network Sales Manager, CBS Interactive

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