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We Love to Answer Your Questions. Especially Before You Ask Them.

What makes COACH MEdia unique?

All of our trainers have been successful sales leaders and salespeople. They are not just book smart – they are street smart. They have been on the front lines and understand what it takes to develop, manage and coach a successful sales team.


Our content is actionable – salespeople and leaders can hit the ground running and use it immediately. We deliver the strategy and the application so there’s no time spent figuring out how to apply it to your business or how to make it fit in your world. And it’s scalable – experienced team members use our content to complement their current efforts and new hires are given both a foundation and roadmap for future success.


We help you integrate new hires quickly. We have a formal program designed to get your new hires – salespeople, account managers, and leaders – up to speed and immersed in the Sales DNA of your organization. From skills training to business planning to corporate expectations and measurement, they will be working from your playbook right away.


We’ve designed the curriculum for a profession nobody went to college to learn. Our team understands that there’s no formal process to become a salesperson, a sales leader, or an account manager. You, like us many years ago, entered this profession without training or a degree to get you started. The programs we’ve developed are comprehensive, based in education, and designed to “certify” your team in business-to-business sales.


We customize all of our programs to your business, your market and your team’s needed areas of development. We solicit your feedback and build each module – from building strategic questions to negotiating objections – for your entire sales organization – not just your salespeople.

What are your areas of expertise?

Since 2000, COACH MEdia has provided training, coaching and consulting in all areas of the sales process. Based on results we've helped B-to-B companies achieve, our clients describe our areas of content expertise in helping them:


•  Manufacture Referrals

•  Secure Appointments

•  Leverage your clients’ customers in the sales process

•  Develop questions that will help clients “Sell themselves”

•  Develop and Implement a Communication Sales Plan

•  Sell Integrated or Solution-based programs using Marketplace FAQ’s

•  Negotiate Objections 

•  Create Urgency/Shorten Sales Cycles

•  Close/Upsell/Renew

•  Use Sales Tools including Sales Presentations 

What services do you offer?

COACH MEdia offers services in these 5 core areas:


•  Assessing…sales organizations…people, process, prioritization and tools

•  Training…sales and leadership

•  Coaching…1-1 and On-Demand at every level within the sales organization

•  On-boarding…new hires and helping them learn your sales DNA

•  Consulting…Sr. Exec’s, Sales leaders, Marketing, Products, Strategy  

What is your approach to training?

Our training sessions are conducted at your location and led by one of our trainers. Prior to each program, your trainer will spend time:


• Assessing your sales people, presentations and tools

• Working with your Sales Leadership Team (SLT) to review assessment findings,

• Creating alignment on training content and discussing best practices

• Determining how to implement accountability and reinforcement to maximize your training investment


Every one of our training programs is interactive - each participant will be a part of the workshop through role playing, brainstorming and developing specific tools for your company and your business. After the program, your trainer will provide ongoing follow-up and support to each of the sales reps to reinforce the concepts and help them with sales challenges as they arise.

Who are some of your customers?

Coach MEdia has worked with dozens of business-to-business sales organizations, including Yelp, Gartner, Spotify and CBSi. Click here to see which ones. 

Do you offer sales management training? What does that content look like?

Yes, just like our sales training, we have a proven curriculum for sales leaders with all levels of experience.


Here’s what it includes:

• The Right Mindset

• Evaluating and Assessing Your Sales Organization

• Building and Maintaining Your Brand

• Building Your Sales Organization’s DNA through training

• Creating, Launching, and Managing Your Performance Metrics

• Coaching

• Recruiting and Interviewing

• On-boarding

• Leading and Inspiring Your Sales Organization

• Managing Your Business – Yours and Your Organizations

What feedback have you heard from those who have utilized Coach MEdia?

We know when we’re making an impact when we get direct feedback from both sales leaders and sales people we’ve trained. Click here to hear what they’ve had to say. 

What packages do you offer and what are the different levels of investment?

We begin with an assessment of your current capabilities - People, Process, Tools, and Priorities. We utilize this process to determine your needs and set forth a proposed plan.


These plans can include a combination of on-site training, web and phone-based training and coaching, small group consulting and certification. We also offer several one and two-day training programs in several core areas. Our pricing is based either on an annual investment or a day rate based on the nature of the program that can include the following: 


• Assets Sellers

• Build/Design customized training module

• Review training content with Sales Leadership Team (SLT)

• Facilitate initial ‘Kick-Off’ Training session(s)

• On-Demand Coaching Calls/Emails

• New Hire Integration (On-Boarding) Training Calls

• Facilitate Ongoing Training session(s)

• Travel and Business Related Expenses


Please contact us to receive specific pricing information for the program that interests you. 

How can I be sure that this investment will be worthwhile?

COACH MEdia has a 100% satisfaction rating from companies for which we have provided training. We will put you in touch with references prior to any training engagement so you can receive first-hand feedback from our customers. In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction with our training programs.

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