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Strategic. Smart. Simplified.

At Coach Media we offer comprehensive business-to-business consulting and sales training solutions to a variety of industries around the globe. Whether you’re looking to increase your overall sales knowledge, gain specific skills training or need a sales coach to help advance your leadership team we’ve got the passion and experience to help you redefine your sales goals. 
Our Customized Approach Offers:

Strategic, solution-based communication strategies designed to sell multi-level programs that foster long-term partnerships with your clients.

Smart, attainable sales goals with a common DNA that can be implemented throughout your organization to overcome sales challenges. 

Simplified, targeted sales approach designed to leverage sales by helping your clients buy programs based on their need to connect with their current and potential buyers.

Online Learning:

We don’t want a hectic schedule to hinder your team’s learning or progress. That’s why each of our corporate programs offers a video library component that provides access to the same training content you’ve heard live. Your team can use the short videos to refresh their skills or go in-depth in key content areas. New hires can dive right in and start learning.  



Sales Team Solutions:

Our customized training programs are delivered to your entire sales team and customized to fit your needs. Typical sessions include:

  • Securing Appointments

  • Reference Selling

  • Employing a Communication Sales Strategy

  • Developing and Using Questions to Advance the Sale



Account Management Solutions:

Those who help manage and maintain the business need to have the same skills and tools as those who close it. Our Account Management training curriculum is designed to help your account managers and coordinators utilize a process designed to retain business and uncover upselling and cross-selling opportunities. They utilize the same methodology we teach the sales people, with different applications for use in day-to-day management, qualification, retention, upselling and referral activities.






  • Utilizing FAQs to Present Your Value Proposition

  • Negotiating Objections

  • Time & Territory Management

  • Role Playing Exercises to Reinforce the Concepts

  • Coaching

  • Recruiting and Interviewing

  • On-boarding

  • Leading and Inspiring Your Sales Organization

  • Managing Your Business – Yours and Your Organizations

Our Solutions / Sales Training
Our Solutions / Account Management
Our Solutions / Training & Consulting
Our Solutions / Online Learning
Our Solutions / 1:1
Sales Leadership Training and Consulting:

Our strategic consulting for sales and media sales leaders is uniquely designed for individuals that manage a sales team. Our approach will facilitate the development of the unique skills needed to effectively implement change within your organization – and create tangible outcomes for your sales team.


We understand you fulfill a complex role within your organization. You face many challenges as you manage different team members – managing up and then managing down. Our training will improve your ability to set and exceed Senior Leadership’s sales expectations while gaining knowledge that will allow you to teach, coach and motivate your salespeople to attain your organization’s collective goals.


Our Leadership Consulting Includes:

  • Creating the Right Mindset

  • Evaluating and Assessing Your Sales Organization

  • Building and Maintaining Your Brand

  • Building Your Sales Organization’s DNA through training

  • Creating, Launching and Managing Your Performance Metrics






1:1 Coaching Programs

Whether you’re looking for additional training for an employee or an individual ready to make an investment in your own sales development, our 1:1 coaching is right for you. This program is designed for salespeople looking to adjust their overall strategy or augment their skills in one or more areas. Not only do we work with you 1:1, this program also includes access to video content to augment your skills in key areas.



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